North West Rope Access Ltd are specialists in safe, efficient and economic rope access and work at height services in and around the North West of England. We provide high rise cleaning, maintenance, inspection and installation. In addition we can carry out a wide range of services such as painting, puttying, masticing, pest control, sign installation and filming at height.

Rope Access

The use of rope access reduces the time spent setting up and dismantling access systems. It ensures maintenance, repairs and surveys are tackled swiftly and with minimal disruption to normal operations. Specialist rope access provides cost saving on projects through the elimination or reduction of costly scaffold in the North West.

Abseil Window Cleaning

Abseil cleaning is one of the quickest and safest ways to clean hard to reach windows. North West Rope Access Ltd use this technique every day in for a variety of commercial buildings and grounds throughout The North West. Domed glass roofs; buildings where cradle pulleys cannot be attached; reaches beyond those possible with water fed poles; tall buildings with no level grounding suitable for cherry pickers: all of these call for abseil cleaning. All of our personnel are Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) trained.

Inspection and repair

This provides a fast solution to initial inspection and repair when potential problems are identified or when the workmanship and safety of new buildings needs to be examined, providing a detailed inspection solution for those projects where scaffolding or other alternatives are impractical. Typically these may be high rise buildings, bridges, towers, masts and chimneys in the North West.

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