20150227_093809049_iOSRope access is sometimes the only way to carry out spot inspections at height.

It provides a fast solution to initial inspection when potential problems are identified or when the workmanship and safety of new buildings needs to be examined, providing a detailed inspection solution for those projects where scaffolding or other alternatives are impractical. Typically these may be high rise buildings, bridges, towers, masts and chimneys.

Rope access is sometimes the only practical solution for internal high chamber inspection, shafts or tunnels where a confined space may be a problem.

North West Rope Access have a full range of inspection services available to check safety of the fabric of an existing or new structure and can provide the evidence of the quality of a building. These include:-

A Simple Visual Inspection
A more in-depth inspection to examine saferty and quailty issues
Full inspection using photography and video filming
Experienced inspection teams can provide reports that clearly presents their findings, using photographic evidence (still or video camera) and drawings to suport the findings.

Getting to those hard to reach places